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How Do House Cleaning Experts Safely Clean Wooden Furniture?

Only experienced cleaners are generally assigned the task of wooden furniture cleaning under the house cleaning service. This is because cleaning these pieces requires a thorough understanding of the type of wood and the polish that has been applied. Therefore, if you are in Sydney and want to see the decorative pieces back to their full glory, you should hire expert house cleaners.

Let us now take a look at some of the methods that the cleaners use to restore the shine of the furniture in your home.

Use Vacuum Cleaner to Remove the Layers of Dust on the Surface and Edges

Most house cleaning experts in Sydney start with the vacuuming process. But what makes this process effective and worth mentioning is the type of equipment that they use.

Unlike the normal vacuum cleaner that you have in your home, these tools are more powerful and can efficiently remove dirt and dust from the surface of furniture and even the upholstery. In fact, these tools help in the removal of dust from the edges and the hinges which otherwise might not be possible with a general vacuum cleaner.

Wipe Off the Surface With a Microfiber Cloth

House cleaning professionals will wipe the surface of the wooden furniture with a microfiber cloth after vacuuming.

They do this to eliminate the remaining dust that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. And after following this cleaning process, the surface glaze of furniture can be brought back.

Applying Dish Soap for Stain Removal

While performing house cleaning in Sydney, the cleaners might apply some dish soap in a microfiber cloth if a piece of furniture has too many stains.

Generally, dish soaps are not abrasives and mixing them with water makes them milder. However, despite their mildness, they are very effective against stains. At the same time, they do not harm the wood.

For this reason, most home cleaners use this solution. However, they use it only after assessing the type of wood with which the furniture is made.

Mineral Spirit Application

Cleaning experts employed in the company offering residential cleaning services in Sydney might use mineral applications to remove grease from the surface of the wooden furniture.

These solutions are available in local hardware stores. But at times, they can be proprietary as well. But if you are doing DIY, avoid applying the same if you don’t know the type of wood with which the furniture pieces are made. Furthermore, doing so can even harm the wood.

Restoring the Shine With Wax

After cleaning the furniture pieces, the cleaners might apply wax, depending on the wood type to reinstate the surface shine.

The wax is easily available in the local store. But applying it with a microfiber cloth requires years of experience.

Applying Steam

If your wooden furniture is upholstered, the house cleaners in Sydney will apply steam to the fabric to get rid of the stains and odour.

To apply steam, the house cleaners will use top-notch steam cleaning equipment.

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